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[IP] Maybe I shold be pumping?

Two days ago I had the unenvialbe position to be in an emergency room and
then admitted to a hospital for 30 hours for atrial fib.

During my nursing assesment I disclosed that I had made real headway and was
averaging 215 over the last 14 days.  Her response was,  "Why aren't you
pumping?"  And I don't have any good answers, other than the fact that my GP
does not give much credence to any of the endocronologists in Dayton, OH.
Couldn't he order one for me?  It's my understanding that the factory reps
do all the work once the paperwork is out of the way.

I'm going to start working on it as I am taking 40 units of Lantus daily and
then about 120 units of R.  And, this is what keeps me at 215 BGs and 50 lbs
over weight.  I'll let you all know how it goes.

BTW -- While I was in the hospital I was put on a 2,000 calorie ADA diet.  I
had one hamburger on a giant bun, carrots, pineapple is heavy syrup, vanilla
wafers, and french fries.  No one could understand why my blood sugar was at

I told them I appreciated what they did for my heart and that I enjoyed
everyone a lot.  But, that if I stayed any longer they would probably end up
killing me on their ADA diet!

Who knows, maybe I will from lurker to pumper!

Type 2
DX 1972
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