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Re: [IP] Insulin resistance and weight gain

At 03:21 PM 7/31/02, you wrote:
>When  the cells can't get the glucose from the blood
>as easy as usual
>we call this insulin resistance.  The insulin is to
>facilitate this
>into the cells but when it doesn't do it we call this
>the reason for
>The cells of the body feel they are starving and shift
>to a metabolism
>retains all calories and therefore you gain weight.
>Dr. Joe

IMO there's more to weight gain than just insulin resistance.  I am not 
resistant at all (I take less than 30 unit total per day) and I consume 
about 1,400 calories each day, yet I gain weight.  Very easily.  I am over 
50 and granted I'm not as active as I was in my youth, but I've always had 
a problem with weight.  In fact, when I turned 50, I didn't change any of 
my activities, diet or insulin usage, and I gained 10 pounds.  And, no, the 
doctors tell me my thyroid is fine.  Go figure.

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