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[IP] BG'S at School-success!

I've been following Cindy's saga with the school BG testing-best of luck-I've 
always wanted to see Cape May-let us know and we'll make a side trip and 
lobby for you-we're just down in central Va.-not far away!  Seriously, I 
thought getting permission to inclass testing would be very difficult here, 
because last year I couldn't even send the lancets to refill the clinic 
supply with my daughter.  I had to deliver everything that might be 
"dangerous" myself.  After reading the emails for the last few weeks on this 
absolutely fantastic site, I decided I would just place a few calls and go 
from there.  Well!--It only took three calls-one to the school, one to the 
county health dept. and the third from the head of the school district's 
nurses.  I was armed with all the legal information and rationales I had 
gleaned from this site and ready to very tactfully insist on what I 
wanted--low and behold--they were very cooperative and said there wasn't as 
yet a real written policy.  They were working with each case on an individual 
basis.  I filled her in on our particulars.  She agreed that carrying testing 
supplies, pumping and snacking as needed, etc. is needed and will fax me a 
form for the Dr. to sign. It sounds much like the forms I've seen-soooo-if 
all works out as it seems, we are set for school.   I certainly wish Cindy 
and others could have a school system as cooperative!  I will follow-up and 
be sure we have all our "i's dotted and our t's crossed" before school so it 
goes as smoothly as possible!  Thanks again and I apologize for the length of 
this email-I'm so excited!!!  
Sherry in Va.  mom to Liz dx3/01  pumping MM508 5//02
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