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Re: [IP] info on complications & pregnancy (not together)?

>>>  I know there are people out there who are experiencing complications- I
would like to hear from you.  What complications you have, how long you've
had dm, what kind of control you've had, and what kinds of things one could
expect when/if they have it?  I would also like to hear from any dmers who
have had kids.  There is a book on what to expect when you're expecting, but
what can you expect when you are a diabetic and expecting?  <snip> Julie >>>

hmmmm - let's see if any of what I have to say is relevant to your
situation. Since I've dealt with this disease over a half century, some of
it is really old stuff. I was under very poor control the first three
decades since there were only pee tests (verrrrrry unreliable) and no A1c's,
or home BGs. My diet (as a kid) was not considered to be important since I'd
die anyway - let me enjoy life. I often had fruity-smelling breath and that
meant acetone breath which would mean ketones. High BGs were not a few
hours, but days.

Never and nonetheless, at 29 years the eyeologist told me since I had no
signs of retinopathy then, I wouldn't have any. Yep, at 43 years of DM I had
to have a vitrectomy. Vision is great today.

About 20 or so years ago my kidney function was at 80%. I just figured it
was part of my future since I had expected all this stuff when dx'd. I was
told regularly by *cheer-me-uppers* that they had an aunt who had DM, had
both legs cut off, but dead now. My lot in life was slowly revealed to me
over time - I thought. I began pumping 19 years ago (8/23) and it was such a
new treatment at the time not all the tweaking of today's knowledge was
available. Looking back, I should have requested a nephrologist then. I
didn't until I got to 35% - 8 years ago. I am now on dialysis. Avoid it!!!

My 2 pregnancies (10 mos. 14 days apart) were during the one-shot-a-day of
NPH/Reg, a BG test at the dr's office or lab once every 1-3 mos.  My babies
were born with Hyaline Membrane Disease - what the Kennedy baby died from
(my 2nd one almost died) but today they are both healthy adults (40 & 41). I
truly envy those who can have a *somewhat* normal pregnancy and delivery as
I was extremely miserable and almost had a nervous breakdown being
overburdened with DM and 2 very small babies (errr - *young*, first one was
10#). The 3 of us cried all day long for 3 mos.  Becoming a Tupperware
dealer saved my sanity.

I guess the end result that I want to say is, with today's techniques, home
BGs, Humalog/Novolog, pumps, CDEs, carb counting, and general up-to-date
knowledge, chances are excellent you'll live a long life that is much better
off than in recent years. Even non-DMers can experience a myriad of

Do remember, there are NO guarantees in life - no one could guarantee one
would not get DM and no one can guarantee one will not get complications.
Please, do not live your life in fear - that can be very crippling as well.

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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