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[IP] info on complications & pregnancy (not together)?

The therapist I am seeing suggested that one source of my anxiety disorder 
might be a fear of diabetic complications and the risks involved in a diabetic 
pregnancy.  To allay these fears, and theoretically get rid of some of the 
anxiety, she suggests that I look for info about it.  I would like to find 
stats regarding percentages of dmers who get retinopathy, neuropathy, renal 
disease, etc, how many years before the complications start, and also what 
percentage of people with average control get complications.  I'd also like to 
find statistics regarding dm pregnancy- what things can happen and how often.  
If anybody knows a good source for statistics and info like this please let me 
know.  I know there are people out there who are experiencing complications- I 
would like to hear from you.  What complications you have, how long you've had 
dm, what kind of control you've had, and what kinds of things one could expect 
when/if they have it?  I would also like to hear from any dmers who have had 
kids.  There is a book on what to expect when you're expecting, but what can 
you expect when you are a diabetic and expecting?  We want to have kids in a 
year or two, but I have absolutely no idea what to expect as far as how it's 
different from a "normal" pregnancy.  Also if anybody knows of any good 
*current* books about diabetic pregnancy or complications, please let me know.  
The only ones I have seen have info from 15+ years ago, but medicine has come a 
long way since then.  You can respond privately at email @ redacted, or 
to the list.  Thanks!!
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