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Re: [IP] Re: DKA

I feel the same way.  No child should have to deal with feeling that way to 
begin with, it's awful... and these people want to make the kid go to school on 
top of it?  No way.  Anyway, not only do people in that condition need to be 
monitored, they should drink fluids constantly to flush the ketones and will be 
going to the restroom constantly.  If I actually start vomiting when I have 
high bg's and ketones I go to the hospital.  Maybe the school doesn't 
understand how serious it is and thinks it is just another kid trying to get 
out of school.  Could you get a doctor's note saying if there are high bg's and 
ketones, regardless of vomiting, the child should be excused from school?  They 
could keep it on file.  Someone needs to explain to the school people just how 
serious that situation is.  How would the school feel if you sent the child in 
and they couldn't monitor themselves and get the bg's and ketones down, and 
then something serious happened?  You could sue them with the right lawyer.  
Some people wonder why I stay home from work in that same situation- no flu or 
regular cold, no vomiting, so they don't understand what's wrong.  They think 
I'm just staying home for the fun of it.  Thank goodness I have an 
understanding boss.


> Susan said:
> In light of the fact that the child has to be monitored
> closely during this time, would you send her or leave
> her at school if she
> were in this condition?  I personally feel the child
> needs to be home so that
> they can be closely monitored, but I've been told that
> unless he is vomitting
> he needs to remain at school. 
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