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[IP] Diluting NovoRapid

No, no simple solution.  As this has been an on-going battle, opportunity for
learning, etc... I have come to learn that Novolog does not make a dilution
solution and that Novo Nordisk does not suggest diluting it, certainly not with
another companies dilution solution as the allergy may lie in the dilution
solution or in the preservative, we're not sure.  I'm going to try pumping u100
novorapid and see what happens.  I've tweaked his basals to allow for the
difference and will wait until the weekend to see what happens as I'm extrememly
busy this week with appointments with the other kids and really want to be
around to wittness any reaction, drop in BS etc....  I am nervous excited about
it but like everything else, I'm sure he will be fine.

Sorry I couldn't help you,


rbubar wrote:

> Hi Susan,
> First, my sympathies to you and Jonathan for the entire allergy situation!!
> You mentioned that you're "waiting" for the diluent solution.  My plan was
> to ask my endo for a bottle of NovoLog to try and then "mix" it with Lilly's
> diluent that I use now with Humalog--to see if, when a small portion of both
> are mixed, a precipitate develops.  Have you discovered that there is a
> diluent for NovoRapid already available--hence, you're "waiting" for it to
> arrive? I have not checked into this at all myself---so I'm hoping you have
> the magic answer!
> As a side note, I finally went to 5 ml syringes to transfer Humalog and
> diluent to a mixing bottle---makes the dilution very simple!!  I am sure you
> have your own "simple" method.
> Barbara

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