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Re: [IP] Re: beeswas

In a message dated 7/30/02 10:49:21 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< As was said, the original post was missed. The poster cannot afford to buy
 any infusion sets and WANTS to get pregnant.  >>

Jan, your original post was uncalled for, extremely impolite and 
inflammatory. The follow-up post was even more uncalled for. She did not say 
she could not afford to buy infusion sets. She said she didn't know when she 
could order more, which could have various reasons, including lack of time. I 
don't konw when I can get to the credit union to make a deposit, either -- 
not because I don't have money to deposit, but because their hours don't 
always fit my work schedule. Aside from that, you don't know her 
circumstances any more than she knows yours, plus it is not your place to 
judge. I think you owe an apology to her.

Jan Chait
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