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[IP] Re: DKA

Shannon is homeschooled but if she went to public
school I would keep her home in that situation. I
agree, that monitoring needs to take place and like
Cory, she doesn't feel well when she is like that
anyway so sending her to school would be pointless. :)
If they gave me trouble for keeping her home, I'd have
to tell them to "just deal with it." ;)

Susan said:
In light of the fact that the child has to be monitored

closely during this time, would you send her or leave
her at school if she
were in this condition?  I personally feel the child
needs to be home so that
they can be closely monitored, but I've been told that
unless he is vomitting
he needs to remain at school.  I'm afraid to give him
that much extra insulin
and leave him at school or anywhere else unless I know
for a fact he will get
very close supervison by someone who knows how to
handle this.
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