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Re [IP] after meal BG tests

 Sherry wrote this about her 13 yr. old daughter, Elizabeth:  .  She tends to
be a "grazer" when
eating-small meals, lots of snacks-always has been that way....I  have
a hard time finding  2-3 hour spans when she doesn't eat anything, so I can
get accurate BG readings for post meal times

Sherry,  I have a boy who will turn 13 this Saturday and I've been told that
this grazing is part of the teen epidemic.  I think the fact that they had to
eat about every 2 hours when they were on shots just sort of "trained" them
to eat frequently also.  Sometimes, Cory will go until noon or later before
he eats a bite of food and his basal is set pretty good because his blood
sugar generally stays fine.  Other times he wants to eat almost non stop.
During those times, his endo told me to increase his basal by .1 for an hour
or two.  I do a temp basal setting as this is not an everyday problem at the
same time each day.  The temp basal seems to solve the problem with most of
the highs.  If I see him starting to run high again and he is still grazing,
I do another temp setting for another hour or two.  Perhaps it isn't even the
food that is running them high - after all they bolused for the food, perhaps
this is a time of rapid growth and that's why they are wanting to eat so much
also.  Who knows!
Susan S.
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