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[IP] renal failure support

This issue is actually off-topic, but I'm really wanting to help a very dear 
friend and I know some of you might be able to assist.
Her father, Roy, has suffered renal failure, not from diabetes but as a 
result of a rare condition that specifically affects the kidneys. He has been 
on dialysis since late last year. His brother Wayne was identified as a 
transplant candidate. He had gone through all the rigorous testing, lost 30 
pounds and a tentative date for surgery was set. But then results of a renal 
ultrasound came back showing that he might have a kidney stone, which would 
eliminate Wayne as a donor. The family is devastated. 
I am looking for anyone who has suffered renal failure and is currently on 
dialysis or has received a transplant that would be willing to offer some 
support for this man. He has told his family that if he has to be on dialysis 
for any length of time he doesn't want to live. I am hoping some of you can 
offer some insight into the process of finding a donor and testing them and 
the agonizing wait for a transplant as well as some support that might make 
this man find the will to live and fight. The family is very frustrated and 
they don't understand the process and have had trouble getting questions 
answered and getting information. They don't understand why the renal 
ultrasound wasn't done earlier or before the other tests. They feel they were 
misled into thinking the transplant was a "go" when testing was in fact still 
going on.
If anyone is willing to be part of an e-mail support group of sorts for Roy, 
please e-mail me privately.
Thanks in advance.
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