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Re: [IP] Minimed 508 challenge

> Subject: Re: [IP] Minimed 508 challenge
> I DID call minimed, several times in fact, spoke to different 
> people... and I 
> guess they were still wrong.  Or not wrong, exactly, just 
> didn't tell me the 
> whole truth.  I am really getting frustrated with the whole 
> thing....

First - your mileage may vary...

I've been meaning to follow up on this for a couple of weeks ago.  Seems
like a good time to do so.

I had the exact same issues, plus issues around not using the 'oldest'
boxes before the newest.

After months of getting inconsistent answers, the final answer seemed to
be: no exchanges of supplies older than 30 days.  So - I was just about
to cancel the upgrade.  Wasn't worth it vs. losing more than a 1000
dollars in supplies.

About 10 days before my scheduled exchange date, I got a call from
somebody at the Next Step program.  I believe the call was to make sure
I had supplies in hand for the training date.  Told her that I was
considering canceling my exchange because of my supply issue - and at
the end of the conversation she offered to see what she could do.  I
also told her I felt this was a customer goodwill issue - and by not
allowing the exchange of the supplies, Medtronic was sacrificing *much*
customer goodwill with both me, and other existing or potential

Well - wouldn't you know - got a call from somebody the next day asking
for details (lot #s, etc) on the items I wanted to exchange.  They gave
me a return# over the phone.  I packed up all of my unopened extra
supplies, and sent it away.  The woman from the Next Step program called
me back and asked if everything was taken care of - I said I was happy
with the outcome and thanked her.  About 10 days later I got my Paradigm

In the end, I'd sum up the experience as being very frustrating - a
feeling that Minimed (aka Medtronic) had never caused in our 5 year
relationship.  They did do the right thing, but it certainly took much
effort on many people's part to make it happen.  So - thumbs up for the
eventual outcome, but I'll always remember how much effort it took to
get it to happen.  That's something I'll think a bit about when I
eventually exchange my nice blue Paradigm for whatever comes next.

BTW - I've really learned to like the Paradigm vs. the 508.

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