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[IP] ?'s re: infusion sets

I know infusion sets come in different cannula sizes 6mm and 9mm.  
1.  6 mm is best of very slender kids - right?  
2.  Are there different needle sizes to insert the cannulas?  3.  Which are 
the very best for kids - Minimed 6mm?  
4.  They came home from pump education using comforts but we have ordered 
soft-sets from Animas altho Animas calls them straight sets. These are same 
thing, right?  
5.  Also, next infusion we are going to use the auto injector with the 
straight sets - anyone have experience using the auto injectors and do they 
6.  The cannula is what stays under the skin after you insert it with the 
needle and remove needle - right?

Tammy, Mom to Joely (dx'd 1969); g-ma to Emma (dx'd 9-15-01)  Animas pumpers 
as of 7-18-02
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