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Re: [IP] after meal BG tests

> My 13-year-old daughter has been pumping about 2 months, so we are
> still getting a feel for patterns.  We test before meals, at
> bedtime, some in the middle of the night, before, during, & after
> exercise.  She dances several hours 4 days a week in the summer. 
> She tends to be a "grazer" when eating-small meals, lots of
> snacks-always has been that way-so the pump has been sooooo much
> better for her eating  and exercise patterns.   However, I'm having
> a problem getting a feel for her real level of control because I 
> have a hard time finding  2-3 hour spans when she doesn't eat
> anything, so I can get accurate BG readings for post meal times. 
> She is high very often because it has only been an hour or so since
> she ate or snacked.  Morning and middle of the night counts are ok,
> but I'm questioning the carb. ratio for food, and can't adjust until
> we get better readings post-meal.  I know I could make her stick to
> a better schedule for eating, but we just got rid of that with
> injections(hate to burst her bubble!) and the dance schedule makes
> it difficult, too.   Any suggestions?

To do basal profiling, you need to do half day fasts every now and 
then and repeat them until the shape of the curve matchs in a couple 
of the trials. Repeat this for night -> lunch, morning-> evening, 
evening->morning as needed if there is an observable and repeatable 
lack of control. Most adjustments are up or down only a tenth unit. 
Basal change times rarely change by more than 30 minutes (if at all) 
once established unless there is a big change in daily schedules.

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