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[IP] skin discoloration

A question? Wondering if this is a diabetic thing or not.
Skin discoloration has been discussed on this list, I know, but a ring 
around the neck was mostly what was brought up.  I have had darker skin 
discoloration on the back of one of my legs since I was about 12 or 13 
(diagnosed at 9).  It started as a patch about the size of an orange on the 
back of my right knee, but now travels all the way up the back of my thigh 
to my rear.  I also have the same skin discoloration on my right hip, a 
little lower than my waist.  It's all about the same color-just darker than 
my skin.  Any ideas?
dx T1 11/86, pumping since 6/4/02 with Novolog.

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