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[IP] after meal BG tests

My 13-year-old daughter has been pumping about 2 months, so we are still 
getting a feel for patterns.  We test before meals, at bedtime, some in the 
middle of the night, before, during, & after exercise.  She dances several 
hours 4 days a week in the summer.  She tends to be a "grazer" when 
eating-small meals, lots of snacks-always has been that way-so the pump has 
been sooooo much better for her eating  and exercise patterns.   However, I'm 
having a problem getting a feel for her real level of control because I  have 
a hard time finding  2-3 hour spans when she doesn't eat anything, so I can 
get accurate BG readings for post meal times.  She is high very often because 
it has only been an hour or so since she ate or snacked.  Morning and middle 
of the night counts are ok, but I'm questioning the carb. ratio for food, and 
can't adjust until we get better readings post-meal.  I know I could make her 
stick to a better schedule for eating, but we just got rid of that with 
injections(hate to burst her bubble!) and the dance schedule makes it 
difficult, too.   Any suggestions?

Sherry, mom to Elizabeth dx3/01  pumping MM508 since 5/02
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