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[IP] temp basals

bascran wrote:
> comment on the use of the TEMP BASAL 

LOVE it...use it rather than the dual wave feature of my MNMD 507/508.  For 
example, if I am going to eat a HIGH FAT food, such as ice cream or General 
Tso's chicken, or a NYC favorite of mine, cold sesame noodles....I will 
calculate up the TOTAL carbs, then take insulin for about HALF of them...then 
program in a temp basal rate for the next 2-3 hours to take care of the OTHER 
half of the carbs (plus the regular basal rate)

This works best for me, as a bowl of ice cream won't hit me totlaly for 
several hours...if i took all the insulin at first, I owuld be low in an 
hour, and high 3 hours later.  byt splitting the dose like this, i get a 
little at the top to take care of the faster carbs, and then a little more 
over the next few hours to take care of the slower carbs, and the fat.

PS. I just moved our of NYC...Me and Marian started a pump club that meets 
once a month in midtown. If you want the email address of someone now in 
charge, let me know.

Sara Smarty Pants AZ

way I don't forget to take the other half of feature...i just started 
experimenting with it, and it seems like a VERY handy trade, but i dont 
really understand how to use it (length of time, instances in which to use 
it)...  i live in manhatten in which i undergo a CRAZY lifestyle of walking 
great distances, so i think this feature could really help out...also with 
working out..your comments will be very much appreciated...thanks...bassem
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