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Re: [IP] Re: iDKA

Ketones can make you very insulin resistant though so
it can take quite a bit more insulin to bring a bg down
when ketones are present even if it doesn't normally
take that much to bring the same bg down without the

I treat ketones aggressively with Shannon (12yrs old
next month, email @ redacted), giving about 15-20% of her TDD by
injection every ~3hrs when large ketones are present,
about 10-15% of her TDD for moderate, and about 5-10%
of her TDD for small. Usually it only takes one dose
and they are gone within ~4hrs. It seems like an awful
lot of insulin to give a child, and a lot of parents I
know hesitate to do it, but it works like a charm every
time and she doesn't typically drop low from it. I
check her often when she has ketones so I would be able
to catch and fix that if it looked like it were
happening. She's usually just fine though. Shannon also
gets a very large glass of water along with the
injection, to help flush out the ketones (if she has
low or normal bg with the ketones I make sure it is
caloric so I can give the necessary extra insulin to
shut off the ketones). I always give an injection with
ketones because I don't want to mess around - I want to
be *sure* she got the insulin.

Susan said:
I can't imagine jumping Cory's correction from 14 -
21.  He would be severly hypo!  YMMV though.
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