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[IP] Re: iDKA

> We were told by our endo team to correct for ketones by taking 1.5 times the 
> correction dose for moderate ketones and 2 times (twice the amount) the 
> correction dose for large.  

That could certainly be a large amount of insulin for ketones.  Cory takes 1 
unit for every 50 pts. he is over 140 plus 1 unit for small ketos, 2 for med 
and 3 for large.  For simplicity I am going to change that to 150 here 
instead of using the 140.  According to Cory's endo if his b/s read 400 and 
he had large ketones he would need 10 units of insulin.  He's 350 points over 
his correction reading so that divided by the correction factor of 50 = 7.  
Then he needs 3 units for large ketones so add that to the 7 for the 
correction and you come up with 10 units.  Now according to your endo's plan 
he would need a lot more.  If we used the same correction factor for highs, 
he would still need 7 units for that but then take that times 2 would equal 
14 and add the ketone correction and the high correction and you now have 21 
units.  I can't imagine jumping Cory's correction from 14 - 21.  He would be 
severly hypo!  YMMV though.  
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