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[IP] Type 2 Pregnant Woman on Insulin Pump...Need Suggestions

I am an RD,  CDE  working with a 28 y/o pregnant female (30 wks gestation) who has been on a pump since her 6th week.  Excellent control (A1c of 5.8) until about 4 weeks ago.  We are now increasing basal rates almost daily.  Total daily dose is ~150 units and she is using a 1:5 insulin to carb ratio.  We recently
added NPH by injection at breakfast and supper as we are having a hard time keeping the 2 hour post prandial blood glucose at or below 120.  Her daytime basal rates are now at 4.0 units per hour.  She is counting her carbs and following her meal plan very well.  Eats only 30 grams or less at breakfast and 60 or less
at lunch and supper.
Has anyone out there had similar experience as or with a Type 2 pregnant pumper?
The insulin resistance was expected, but we were surprise that we had to add NPH on top of  using the pump.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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