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Re: [IP] necrobiosis

Ok, this is long, so if you're not interesed in NLD, you may not want to 

I, too have NLD - It developed on my left foot from a "granulary anoma" (sp? 
- ring of bumps under the skin). I had the "granulary anomas" all over, but 
only the one on my left foot turned into an NLD sore. That was about 3 yrs 
after I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 17. Shortly after the one on my 
foot showed up, two more popped up on my right leg - both small ones 
compared to the pictures I saw on the links sent out earlier. One of the 
ones on my right leg healed completely, and has left no evidence it was ever 
there. The one on my left foot has mostly healed with only a slightly red 
and scar-like area left. The remaining one on my right leg is still there, 
and changes little from year to year. Two years ago, I saw a dermatoligst, 
and he gave me shots of steroid right into the sore (OUCH!). It didn't seem 
to change anything, and the dermatoligist said there was nothing he could do 
- that it might go away with better DM control (A1C wa 8.2 at the time - not 
toooo bad) Last summer, I was dumb enough to get a sunburn on that very 
spot. It hurt badly for three days - like a real burn from a hot stove - and 
as it healed up, it decreased in size by about 10%, and has not grown or 
been painful since. That is my personal experience, please do not try to get 
a sunburn - I was very lucky that it did not make things worse.

More than ever, YMMV.

I am also frustrated by doctor's lack of knowledge on this (yes, I 
understand they're only human and can't know everything about everything). 
Some doctors seem to have never heard of it before, others just seem to 
write it off as no big deal, and still others say that this is a classic 
case, and do I mind if they bring in their junior associates to use me as an 
example - none offer any help or any action that can be taken.

As I get tigther control (A1c two months ago - pre-pump 6.8), I do notice 
the surface of the sore getting more "skin-like" - perhaps the tighter 
control and apparent improvement are just conicidental. I hope that this one 
will decide to go away.

Sorry so long, but I've always felt alone and embarassed about NLD. Its good 
to know I'm not the only one dealing with NLD. I love this List!!!!!(lump in 
my throat)

Type 1 7 years, pumping 2 months with "Buzz" the pardigm

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>Subject: [IP] necrobiosis Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:21:40 EDT
>         Can anyone please tell me more about the NLD.I have seen many 
>about this condition but noone seems to know what to do. I am currently 
>a topical sreroid cream.
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