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[IP] go for the lantus liz

Linda (?) wrote about her skinny minny daughter who does not want to use the 
pump for its physical presence being a fashion faux pas, and i say GO FOR THE 

Having said that, of course, I will go back to injections when they peel my 
pump out of my cold dead hands, BUT I know SEVERAL, (as in more than 2), 
people who have phenomenal success with this regime.  As with everything YMMV 
and the pump is NOT for everyone, despite my flag waving!

Someone wrote that the lantus regime is less flexible and you have to carry a 
bunch of syringes and junk around and I have to disagree....If you take your 
lantus in the am or pm or whatever, you only take the novalog at meals or to 
correct highs, right?  So, technically all you HAVE to carry around is an 
insulin pen and a meter, unlike us poor pumpers who (ought to be) carry(ing) 
around replacement infusion sets, spare batteries, syringes in case of 
malfunction, spare meters, yada blah blah etc etc, ad nauseum (I say OUGHT 
cuz I don't...unless I am gonna be more than 20 miles from home)

She is 17 - if she does not want to be bulged by a pump, and given today's 
fashions, I can't say I blame her.  Once the lantus "basal rate" is figured 
out, she is just as well off as the rest of us pumpers...test often, correct 
conservatively and LIVE LIFE, and wear skimpy clothes if you must, but ONLY 
if your body is fit for it, as Liz apparently is....(note to self.. Just say 
NO to midriff shirts....my belly sticks out farther than my boobies!!!!)

Besides...she may grow out of this stage in life and decide the pump is right 
for her...Right NOW, she has to do the best she can for her place in life, so 
she needs to know there ARE alternatives, and VIABLE ones at that!!  

Sara Smarty Pants in AZ
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