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Re: [IP] Minimed 508 challenge

> I thought you could decide at the training which pump you wanted.> guess not 
> if you already have to have purchased the supplies.....
> Beverly
> -*******---*******
You do have to purchase at least a box ahead, and if you then decided you
didn't want the new pump, would they make you keep the one box of reservoirs
and infusion sets because you had opened it?  Don't know on that one. Maybe
if you carefully stuffed it back in the box you could return it.  They told
me UNOPENED 508 sets, don't know the policy on that.  I'd sure ask if you're
not sure if you want to upgrade.

At the training, you go through all the features, then you must decide if
you want it or not, then you do the how fill and connect to it.  So you
don't go all the way through the filling it and stuff before you must decide.
You don't open your sets up until you've made your decision.  No one at my
table didn't take the new pump.

I do have to say that, at least for me, the new pump is much more difficult
to read.  The printing appears to be much smaller than the 508 and I'm
having a much harder time with it than I did with the 508.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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