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Re: [IP] Minimed 508 challenge

I DID call minimed, several times in fact, spoke to different people... and I 
guess they were still wrong.  Or not wrong, exactly, just didn't tell me the 
whole truth.  I am really getting frustrated with the whole thing.  Considering 
money is tight and my insurance only pays for a small portion of the supplies 
cost, I can't afford to just go into this and not know.  I told them that, told 
them I needed to know exactly what was going on and I need to know in advance 
before I decide whether or not to upgrade.  Well, they said I have to sigh up 
for training first then they figure out the supplies issue.  Then they said 
that all the dates are full I need to wait until Sept to sign up.  Well, I will 
have to order supplies at the end of August for 6 months' worth.  ARGH!  Thank 
you thank you... even though I am frustrated at least I know I need to make 
more phone calls.  As if we didin't have enough to worry about... don't these 
people know stress is not healthy for us?  Yet it seems like there is a 
pharmacy/doctor/insurance/supply conspiracy going on to try and pile as much 
crap on our shoulders as possible.  Grrrr, it makes me so mad.  Ok anyway, I'll 
cease venting and get on the phone ;)


> If you have any questions about this, you should call up MM and ask them
> specific questions about the exchange program.  I think you'll find out it
> isn't exactly what it sounds like at first.
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