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Re: [IP] Virus

At 01:13 PM 7/29/2002 Julie Keesey wrote:
 >Hello everyone:
 >I received an email that I accidentally deleted so I can't give you
 >specifics of it, but apparently I was sent a virus that affects everyone in
 >my address book.  I checked and did have the virus, so apparently that means
 >you do too.  It needs to be deleted within a certain number of days (14?).
 >Here's how:

First of all, this is a total hoax!! Do NOT delete jdbgmgr.exe since it is 
used by Windows. If you accidentally have deleted it, you may have problems 
with some Java applications.  See below for how to restore it.

Second, do not ever send mail to everyone in your mailbox without checking 
it out first. Most email that tell you to do that are hoaxes. Especially, 
do not send such messages to Insulin Pumpers. Most are off-topic and may 
contain misleading information.

>How to restore the Jdbgmgr.exe file
>If you have deleted this file, restoration is optional. However, without 
>it, some Java applets may not run correctly. This is not a critical system 
>To restore the file, follow the instructions in the Microsoft Knowledge 
>Base article called:  "Virus Hoax: Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java 
>(Jdbgmgr.exe) Is Not a Virus." See: 

Sam Skopp
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