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Re: [IP] Minimed 508 challenge

This turns out to not totally true.  They will not take back any opened
boxes.  So if you had to open your last box, then got your Paradigm and have 8
of the 508 sets still left in the box, MM will not take back what's left in
the open box.

Also it turns out that MM can tell from the inventory numbers on the boxes
when your received the supplies.  It turns out that my son and I did not use
the boxes in the order we received them, using oldest first. Since I had an
unopened box that was more than six months old, they refused to take it back.
I talked to supervisors, but that is their policy.   MM claims they tell
customers this, however, I was never told this by anyone and my son and I
both just put our stuff in the cupboard and took from one supply place.  If
I had known these boxes needed to be used oldest first, we would have been
doing that for the past year.  Just another thing that we weren't told.

So, I certainly was not going to just pitch out this stuff and wanted to
find something useful to do with it.  You might not have a lot of stuff left
over, but I think most people will have a few sets.  I can't imagine most
will get down to 0 of the 508 sets when they do the upgrade.

BTW, MM does not GIVE you any supplies.  You have to have ordered your
Paradigy supplies and have them by the date of your training to take with

If you have any questions about this, you should call up MM and ask them
specific questions about the exchange program.  I think you'll find out it
isn't exactly what it sounds like at first.

> How do you have extra 508 supplies?  Did minimed give you paradigm supplies and 
> let you keep the 508 supplies, or did your insurance company pay for all new 
> paradigm supplies?  I was under the impression that minimed exchanged all 
> unused 508 supplies for paradigm.  I won't be able to upgrade until Dec, and 
> minimed said for my next order they calculate how much 508 I will need until 
> upgrade and if I do end up with extra they will exchange it.  

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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