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Re: [IP] necrobiosis

>         Can anyone please tell me more about the NLD.I have seen many doctors 
> about this condition but noone seems to know what to do. I am currently using 
> a topical sreroid cream.

I have seen many doctors about it (I have it on both shins) and basically there 
is nothing that can be done to make it go away, but you can prevent it from 
getting worse.  I have problems with it flaking and cracking open to form 
ulcers.  So I put udder cream (yes, it is really used for cows udders but also 
works very well for me!) on both spots.  That keeps it moist so it doesn't 
crack open.  Since the top layer of skin is gone- that top layer is what keeps 
the bottom layers moist and protects them when you get scraped -the tissue 
underneath is very vulnerable.  When it does open up and ulcer I put duoderm 
pads on it.  Duoderm is a special kind of bandage that is the thickness of 
American cheese and you apply it directly to the wound.  You can get it at 
medical supply stores.  You keep it on for 3-4 days and then take it off to 
wash the wound gently then apply another one, and repeat until healed.  It 
sticks and keeps the "juices" in- the wound will produce gooey stuff that 
promotes new cell growth and the wound heals in a week or two.  I have seen 
people about the possibility of a skin graft, but they have all said it's a bad 
idea.  They would not want to risk it unless the wound is threatening me in 
some other way.  Since I can keep it under control why bother?  Skin graft is 
painful and takes a long time to heal.  Since the problem began with not 
healing, it is logical to assume the skin graft itself would not heal.  So I 
apply udder cream and try to be careful not to bump or scratch my legs and wear 
pants a lot (a real bummer in FL).  Dilliards has some great makeup to cover 
scars.  I use that if I am dressing formal or something, to cover up the 

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