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Re: [IP] Minimed 508 challenge

I'd be happy to coordinate this, if someone would be willing to do it from
now until Aug 11.  I'm leaving on vacation, but when I get back, I'd be
happy to do it.  I was an executive secretary for a long time, so shouldn't
be difficult!

If a list was started of who had no insurance with their mailing addresses,
people would either (1) write to me and I could send them that list, or (2)
I supposed I could collect the stuff and send it out from here.  Not sure
how much might be involved in #2 though.  I don't know if all people who
were in need of this would feel comfortable posting their names on the list,
but maybe privately might be more comfortable?

I had kept the e-mail of someone on this list who said she had no insurance
from a few months ago.  After I got my upgrade, I wrote to her and I'm
sending off my stuff to her.  

But I'm sure there are many others who have no insurance, or very little. MM
will not take back unopened boxes, and I'm sure everyone has a few extra
sets.  Every little bit helps when you have to pay for it all yourself. 
Some people have local places to donate their stuff, but certainly not
everyone.  I live in a metropolitan area, but don't know of any place.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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