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[IP] Dr. Joe's e-news - 7/29/02 - Necrobiosis Lipodica

(this topic has come up on this list before, therefore I'm sinding this:)

More observations http://care.diabetesjournals.org/

Necrobiosis Lipodica (NL) is a clinical feature of Maturity Onset Diabetes
of the Young (MODY).  NL is a skin condition with elevated red lesions -
usually on the shins - that become scarred in the center with time.


Most commonly it is seen in diabetes 1 but 7-30% of the time it is in
diabetes 2.   The presence of this problem is not related to glucose
control.   The MODY patients often will develop this disease before
diagnosis of diabetes.

Since it is involved with MODY, it presumably has nothing to do with

Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor

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