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[IP] Kayaking and other sports

I run two to three marathons a year, and numerous duathons, half marathons,
etc.  (I am 54 years old and have been on insulin for 28 years). I have been
on the old MM 507C pump for almost 4 years.  I usually start out an event with
blood sugars around 150-200, and over time have figured out that I need 8g of
carbos per mile. I get this through sports drinks, and or energy gel "Gu",
"Power Gel", etc.  About 30 minutes prior to the event I turn my normal .6
basal rate down to .2.  I then have to check my sugar every 30 minutes or so.
I have done one triathlon, and I had to take my pump off for about an hour
(the 507C is not waterproof) and my sugar went from 154 to 576.  Not good.  My
next pump will be the Paradigm that is waterproof.  Two good books are "Pumpin
Insulin" by John Walsh, and "The Diabetic Athlete" by Sherri Colberg.  The
only secret is to check your sugars often, particularly during training, to
find out how many g of carbos you use per mile, or per hour, etc, and then
make sure you take a source of carbos with you.  If you have to take inuslin
during an event to bring your sugars down, plan on no more than half of your
non-exercising amount as the exercise seems to double the potency and reaction
time of the insulin.  I try to never let my glucose get below 100 during an
event, because it can crash so fast during exercise.  Better a little too high
than too low.
Good Luck,
Roger Wendell
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