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[IP] pregnancy pumpers??

calling all pregnant pumpers

I am 15 weeks pregnant...started pumping a month ago.  I have lots of 
questions since its still all new to me.

would like to converse with other pregnant pumpers or those who have been 
there and can offer advice.

right now both the nurse and my endo are on holidays for 3 weeks...and I am 
having trouble figuring out how to adjust my boluses and basal.  I tried to 
adjust the bolus since I noticed I was having lots of highs last week...but 
only did a lil bit for carbs for each meal...its too much already sice I 
crash too much.

perhaps its cuz of the heat this week? Thought due to pregnancy needed to 
adjust already.

Not sure how often a pregnant person need to adjust throughout pregnancy.

any tips on how to tell and how much of bolus and basal to adjust would be 
great.  I have 3 weeks till dr and nurse return from holiday plus am going 
on holiday for one week myself.

thanks for tips.

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