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I have been in DKA a few times. One time when I went into the emergency room 

Just wondering .... I hear so much talk about DKA -- if you test your ketones 
and they are high, do you give extra insulin to bring down the ketones?  
Cory's scale has a correction factor for high blood sugar PLUS yet another 
scale that is added to that for ketones -- 1 unit for small, 2 for medium and 
3 for large.  He tests for ketones, if his blood sugar has been over 240 two 
times in a row, if he is ill or if he has high blood sugar and is complaining 
of a tummy ache, nauseau, headache.  He's had large ketones several times, 
but thus far we've always been able to get him back in line with the extra 
insulin.  He's never needed to go to the emergency room for treatment.  A 
couple of times when he had a viral infection, it was really hard to get 
things cleared up, but thankfully he did get the blood sugar back in line 
before an emergency trip was required.  Please understand I am not saying it 
will never happen to him or that anyone else is not handling the situation 
properly.  I'm just asking if your doctors tell you to give extra insulin for 
ketones.  Each person is different, each doctor is different and even harder 
to handle than that is that things are not always the same in the same person 
each time.  What worked today, may not work tomorrow.
Life with diabetes is an ongoing battle,
Susan S.
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