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[IP] sites and swimming

Hi all,

I've been having great luck with my son's sites staying on through swimming,
baths, etc. I discovered what works for us quite accidentally, and I wanted
to share it with the list because it surprised me so much. So add a big
**YMMV** to this ... but what works for us is ... doing almost nothing! I
had tried extra tapes (tegaderm, etc) and they always came off, taking the
infusion set with them, I had tried mastisol and it gave him a horrible
rash. Finally I decided to just let the darn site come off, and didn't do
anything - and the site stayed on. 

After discovering this, we bought a waterproof pumpcase (the minimed sport
one) and now he stays hooked up all the time. I make sure not to touch the
site until after it is dry. My son now swims, often for hours, and bathes
without losing his sites. I use IV-prep before inserting the site and make
sure it is still tacky when I put the tape on. I often wipe one last time
and fan so it is extra tacky before smoothing down the back of the site. We
use the Silhoutte infusion sets - they may be easier to keep on then the 90
degree sets.  He also uses "hip" sites, which are a bit more protected then
the tummy. 

Anyways, I've seen a lot of mail recently about keeping sites on in water. I
tried all the extra things before I had tried something simple. It turns out
that the simple solution is what worked for us. 

Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/17/00) and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)
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