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[IP] Re: Kayaking and other sports

I have only been whitewater rafting once and river kayaking once. (I enjoyed 
both just haven't made it a priority to do either again.)
But I am a water nut and have exprience with the pump for various active 
I can tell you that the pump was fantastic while I trained for a marathon 
that I ran in June and my site held up superbly during the race. The marathon 
was in Hawaii, so I also went snorkeling and swimming in the ocean and pool a 
lot. I also went surfing, but I disconnected for that because I didn't have a 
wetsuit on to protect the pump from flying out of my bathing suit during 
wipeouts :-) The site held up fine in the water as well.
Not only did my site hold up well during the marathon, but my blood sugars 
went from 199 at the start to 58 at the end and mostly stayed in the 100-130 
range during the in-between time. Of course I had carbs, but I also ran a 
temp basal rate of -40 percent.
You'll need to experiment conservatively to see what works for you. I still 
like to start activities, running especially, with an elevated BG. Preferably 
upper 100s, close to 200 like I started the marathon.
I worked extensively with a diabetes educator to learn how to account for 
exercise with insulin reduction and carbs (insulin reduction was important to 
me so that I could drop some weight during training--I lost 7 pounds).
There is some helpful info in the book The Diabetic Athlete, but I think 
working with a DE with experience in this kind of management would be a good 
idea for you too.
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 7/28/02 6:15:31 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Are there any whitewater freaks on this list?  Or anyone who does any kind 
of extended vigorous activity using the pump?

I recently obtained a Paradigm to help alleviate my anxiety about 
hypoglycemai and the need to run purposefully high BG while on the river.

I'm looking for advice on  how best to manage this--Guy >>
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