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Re: [IP] DKA

What they are describing with the low bgs is acidosis
(and there are several forms of acidosis) but like you
said, it is not DKA (which has a specific clinical
definition of BG>300, +ketones in blood, and serum
pH<7.3). Just as it is possible to have low bgs and
acidosis (which looks like DKA but isn't), it is
possible to have high bgs and ketones without being in

Our endo has said most people nowadays have never
experienced DKA because it is typically caught in the
ketosis stage before the acidosis sets in. Shannon was
just in mild DKA at diagnosis but was in ICU because of
it (the mildness or severity of it depends on the
degree of acidosis.) Since then she has had a few bouts
of high bgs with large ketones accompanied by vomiting,
headache, stomach ache, etc but it was *nothing*
compared to the mild DKA at dx (which, if that was
mild, I'd hate to see severe! She was a pretty sick
kiddo at the time!) It took a few *days* to correct her
DKA whereas the other stuff only took a few *hours*.
There really is no comparison.

email @ redacted said:
Yes  but that is not DKA which is about the same
seriousness.  The above is usually caused by not being
able to hod down any liquids but you do not have
HIGH bgs or
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