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Re: [IP] DKA

I had DKA only once and can tell you..........I don't want it again and try 
to stay much too low not only  only the severity of it, but I never want to 
be that sick again!!

I thought I had gotten the stomach flu at first - when that happens, I tend 
to lock myself in the bedroom and tell my family I'll see them in a day or 
two.      That's exactly what I did and my husband ended up breaking down the 
door when I'd answer questions he asked in a stupor.     I couldn't breathe 
very well, fast, short asthma-sounding breaths.      The first doctor my 
husband took me to ordered a chest X-ray then sent me home!!!!!!      My 
husband took me to ER that night where I was admitted to the ICU.      I 
should add, that back then I also didn't test (urine sometimes), so I had no 
idea I was high.     Since I was so violently ill, too, I didn't take the 
insulin I should have thinking that since I wasn't eating, I probably didn't 
need it.      Believe me.........I've learned and am much smarter and test 
much more often than I need to now!!!       When I was admitted to the ICU I 
was so dehydrated they couldn't even find a vein for an IV.     My blood 
sugar was just over 800.       I now know to check for ketones and do it 
anytime I'm over 240!!       Please, please please don't let me ever get that 
sick again!!!

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