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Re: [IP] DKA

In a message dated 7/27/2002 9:54:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I just experienced my highest recorded test last night at 417 and have 
been up most of the night fighting it.  Just wanted an idea how close I was.  
I was experiencing headaches and feeling tired, but nothing much besides 
that. >>
 Hi Harvey,

When I was diagnosed after 4 months of frequent urinations, cramps and had 
super high ketones an Acid blood but neverwent into a diabetic coma from DKA 
but understand your concern.  How long had they been over 200.  When I am on 
Prednisone I often go 10 days at about 200 and only show small to moderate 
ketones and never go DKA.  DKA is where the blood gets acidic and it usually 
takes longer than 5 days.  Now after 37 years, I would be worried if I ran 
the 400's for 4 or 5 days becaause it is much easier to be DKA now.  The 
symptoms you experienced, I also experiend on high BG, I suspect cause the 
blood is less viscous, thus Blood Presssure goes up.  YMMV,  I also get very 

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