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Re: [IP] Some might say a small "miracle"

> Hi all,
> This morning, we sat down and figured that with the insulin Hubby
> averages now vs. just before he started pumping, he's taking (are
> you ready?) 41.5% less!!!!  At first, we said, "Nah, that can't be
> right," refigured, and it is.  Not only that, his a1c has been
> steadily improving from the last pre-pump of 8.5 to one 3 weeks ago
> of 7.0 (for him, this is outstanding-read below).

OK pumpers!!!  add these results to the statistics kept on the ABOUT 
page of the web site. See the section on improvements in hbA1c


To add your statistics to the database, fill out the Insulin Pumpers 
Information Form. Go to the MEMBERS ONLY page and simply click the 
information form button.

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