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Re: [IP] Frio Wallet

>I got a response. They basically said I could modify my original order 
>(which had not been processed) or send a new order with the pump verbage. 
>I did the latter and got my Frio for a pump (but not the color I asked 
>for). Good products but IMO they need to work on customer service and make 
>their Web site more "user friendly". JP

I also did not get the color I asked for.  They explained to me that they 
were out of most colors (I figure they have a lot of colors on hand that no 
one really wants so they're sending those out to get rid of them before 
they get more inventory).  They did tell me I could send the one that I got 
back and they would refund my money.  I didn't bother and just kept the red 
one.  I also think they need to improve on customer service and perhaps 
update their webpage to show only the available colors (which is probably 
one -- RED).

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