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Re: [IP] Square and dual wave

> >When do *grazers* check? I've seen someone with food going in for four
> >hours. What about buffet parties, etc.? YMMV (~_^)
> >That is where the square wave and duel wave comes. Bonnie and Baby dx
> >pumping 10 years
> Since I don't have the square wave or dual wave options on my pump, I
> and bolus".  This has helped me keep my bgs at a good rate while grazing
> along all afternoon at parties.  YMMV.

I have to admit that, although I do have square and dual wave on my pump, I
rarely use them for "grazing" type situations.  I have no idea how much I'm
going to eat, which items I'll decide to try, etc. so I also "bite and
bolus" too.  By the way, continuing the thread on Lantus and Novolog vs. the
pump, I find it practically impossible to deal with grazing when taking
injections.  When you take injections, you really do have to decide what and
how much you're going to eat and then make sure you stick to a timely
schedule.  The last party I attended, I totally skipped all of the
appetizers (and missed out on a lot of tasty items) because it was too much
of a hassle to bolus with injections.  Can't wait to get back on the

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