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Re: [IP] other Diabetes "newsgroups"

At 07:38 AM 7/26/02 -0700, Catherine wrote:
I did a Yahoo search and found quite a few, though most lacked the 
intelligence and oh, I don't know - panache - I've come to expect as an IP 
member ;) .

At 12:17 PM 7/26/02 -0600,  Lisa wrote:
 >I've been on the DM Life list for a number of years and like it very much.
 > It is moderated, like this
 >list, so crackpots and junk mailers are excluded.  They are at

Actually, the coolest thing about this group is that it's NOT 
moderated.  Everything that's sent to the list is broadcast (except for 
viruses or any other attachments, of course).  Our volunteer staff couldn't 
possibly read and edit every email message the IP server receives in a 
timely manner, though we do do our level best to keep people in line and 
head off any trouble that appears to be brewing. Our list is as 
well-mannered and informative as it is because we have an exceptionally 
well-mannered and informative membership base.  Not to mention smart and 

Give yourselves all a pat on the back for me; you're an anomaly on the 

IP-Admin and Paradigm guinea pig
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