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Re: [IP] Financial donations to IP

At 07:46 PM 7/26/2002 George Lovelace wrote:
 >On 26 Jul 2002 at 18:43, Sam wrote:
 >> At 06:05 PM 7/26/2002 Rodney Mead wrote:
 >>  >Pumpers and Friends,
 >>  > George & Brian, there must be some problems with the E-mail Servers 
 >>  >because I have send things last week, and again today 2 times and 
have not
 >>  >seen my own posts. In the last 24 hour I have only gotten 20 e-mails
 >from the
 >>  >servers. If you have had a problem with anything on IP: you need to
 >write to
 >>  >HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
 >> Besides the hard-drive crash last week, the mail server was caught in a
 >> loop caused by some bogus email addresses over the last two days, while
 >> Michael was out of town. So, yes, we have had a lot of problems recently.
 >Ah, yes the old bogus address sending to another bogus address trick.
 >Maxwell Smart would have had the answer to that in his shoe!    ;>)
 >But seriously, the HELP@insulin-pumpers.org  address HAS been functioning.
 >It did get slowed down by the Mail Server doing all the "bogus" work, but
 >HELP mail does
 >go through.  I know there have been a lot of messages that didn't get
 >through to the Main List as some of them were mine.  I am personally
 >responding to anyone who has
 >written to HELP in the last few days, so if you wrote (more than 2 hours
 >ago) and haven't heard from me, then write again.  It WILL be taken care of.
 > We do NOT ignore
 >anyone!  (unless your address is bogus)   :>o

Well, of course, we can guarantee that all HELP messages went through... 
especially during the crash of last week.

However, I often do wonder where all the mail goes that the complainers 
"claim" that they sent to HELP and never got a response. I can't imagine 
not responding to legitimate requests sent to HELP and I'm sure that none 
of the other admins would fail respond either. All this leads me to think 
that the black hole rests solely between the ears of the complainers. <sigh>

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