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[IP] Why I went off the pump

 I had a long (well-documented on IP) year of trying to find one type, any type of infusion set that would work for more than a day, longer than a week at a time. I had site failures, bloody contusions from needle sets, constant "no delivery" alarms and several ketotic episodes. With all that in mind, it wasn't worth it to lug around all the supplies and worry about bumping into things, getting wet and bumping my site (OW!). I got heaps of great advice from IP, Minimed, my endo, other endos, witch doctors and congresspeople, but I'm just one of those cases, I guess. 
I'm on Lantus now, and I find my BGs are better than they ever were on the pump.
YMMV in a big ol' way.
  > Why did you go off of the pump? Inquiring minds want to know.
> > I recently went off the pump and I'm interested in some of the 
> non-pump specific D message boards and/or "newsgroups". I did a Yahoo
> and found quite a few, though most lacked the intelligence and oh, I 
> know - panache - I've come to expect as an IP member ;) .
> > Thanks,
> > Catherine

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