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[IP] Novolog

I have mentioned a few times here that I'm on a pump vacation.  I'll be
going back on the pump soon, with lots of wonderful help from MiniMed, but
mostly because of what I have learned from IP.

I had been having months of tons of unexplained highs.  I did have lots of
problems with infusion set sites (still have to work on that) and I was
focusing on that and getting nowhere.  I tried every conceivable infusion
set from every pump company I'd heard about (here), tried lots of different
sites (suggested by people here), worked on trying to lower my stress, but
finally my endo suggested a pump vacation.  He, however, did not suggest
Novolog.  Guess where I learned about that?  Yup, here.

I discussed Novolog with a Minimed pump trainer and she thought I should try
it.  She said that often people who have been using Humalog since it was
introduced have developed problems with it.  With her (and your)
recommendation in hand, I requested Novolog from my endo and he thought that
was an intriguing idea and gave me a sample.  In almost no time at all, my
blood sugars were in the normal range much of the time.  Sure, I still have
my fair share of unexplained highs, but I feel like a new person (kind of
like how I felt on the pump after we figured out my basals and boluses).
What a relief.

Next week my Minimed rep and my pump trainer are hooking me up to the CGMS
and are preparing me to go back on my 508.  I am anxious to be pumping
again, although I am still worried about the infusion set sites.  I'm
finding that I'm bruising and bleeding a lot (polka dots on my arms and
legs, just in time for summer) with injections.  I don't like the appearance
of the bruises from the syringes but I am more concerned about bleeding at
infusion set sites which had been a hassle for about 6 months.  Anyone else
have this problem?

Anyhow, I mostly want to thank you for all the great information and for
leading me to Novolog.  It truly has made a difference.

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