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Re: [IP] Lantus vs Insulin Pump

Lantus and Novolog appear to give her this same flexiblity. I would
appreciate any thoughts/ comments from members of this great list to help
with this decision!
> Thanks loads!!!
> Linda V

Linda, I am currently using Lantus and Novolog (on a pump vacation that will
soon end, yea!)  I've been pretty happy with the scheme, fairly decent blood
glucose readings, but, you are stuck with one steady basal rate so if the
Lantus is covering things like dawn phemonenon well, you may end up having
lows later on in the day when you don't need so much basal.

I do have more freedom dressing without the pump (can just don a dress with
no waist band and not have to worry about hanging my pump somewhere) but I'd
rather worry about wearing my pump contraption because...

A big hassle for me, after having been on the pump for 7 years, is having to
whip out all those syringes.  One for breakfast, one for lunch, one to
correct for a high, one for a snack, one for dinner, etc. etc.  What a royal
pain.  And, having to pull out the syringe and the vial of insulin in lots
of different places.  And, you can't be so precise with syringes.  For
example, I calculate that I need 1.8 units to bring down a high but how can
I confidently do that with a syringe?  It ain't easy.

I can't wait to go back on the pump and shed these syringes!  My bet is that
Liz will be happier on a pump.

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