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Re:[IP] Carrying Case

I carry an AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag - I think it's the medium size. I 
bought my first, and second, from a Nicholas Luggage and Gifts, in the 
Kansas City area for around $50. They are online at http://www.ameribag.com.

My bag holds:

         2 Paradigm Reservoirs
         2 QuikSets
         6 Alcohol Swabs
         6 IV Preps
         Palm IIIe
         Accu-Chek Complete
         Frio DuoPen Insulin Pouch (with one of my old pens, and my Humalog 
         3-4 Syringes
         6-8 Ketostix in foil
         Extra vial of 50 Accu-Chek Comfort Curve strips
         4-8 Energizer AAA cells
         Eclipse Gum package
         Business card case (holds membership cards, SubClub cards, etc.)
         Nutritional Guides from Subway, McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King
         Tube of glucose tablets (Walmart Orange)
         2 Chewy Granola bars, just in case
         3-4 Sharpies (black, plus green, red, and usually blue)
         Fat permanent marker
         Nokia 5190 phone
         Personal Pack of Kleenex
         Pump/Diabetes Logbook
         2 Zip disks with business info

I carry it everywhere, of course, yet my masculinity is rarely questioned.

Type 1, dx'd 11/17/1990, pumping since 7/24/2002
In Kansas City, MO (or thereabouts)

At 11:16 AM 7/23/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>I just started using the Freestyle Tracker last week.  I had some initial
>issues with it, but it is working great now.  My problem is that I can't
>find a carrying case that will fit it along with all the other stuff I
>carry.  I carry the Tracker (basically a PDA with about an inch thing
>sticking out of the top of it), the regular Freestyle (two by 3 inch about)
>as a backup, a few paper items (the programming and alarm cards for all my
>stuff, as well as identification cards and my basal profile), a bottle or
>two of insulin, a few backup syringes, a cold pack for the insulin, usually
>two bottles of strips (the Freestyle strip bottles are about 2 inches high
>and about an inch thick), my pump remote, extra batteries for the pump, the
>remote, and the Freestyle (the Tracker is rechargeable), an ear plug case,
>the extra battery pack for my pump, the test solution for the meters, and
>various small cleaning and maintenance utensils for the pump (small
>items).  Other items include my lipstick, a compact, and a few mints
>individually wrapped.  So, what container would anyone suggest that would
>fit all this?  I currently use the MEDport daily organizer, but it is too
>small for the PDA.  I bought on line a 50Fifty supply case, but it doesn't
>have a good place to hold my insulin, and I don't like the way it opens
>(everything would fall out if I opened it all the way).  What does anyone
>who uses a PDA use?  Is there a FAQ I can reference?

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