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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #487

<<My sugars went from 150 to 576. Not a good situation
<<I hate to take a shot of regular, and then have it crash on the bike ride
or <<the run. 

WOW!!! triathalons!  I'm so super impressed!
One suggestion (w/a question)...if you practice for these events (which I
would imagine you'd have to), what is your normal process?
some ideas: 1. wear the pump in a waterproof bag, 2. if you must disconnect,
when you practice, see if your bg constantly swings way way too high...if
so:  stress from extreme excersizing often causes this and the high spike
can be prevented by bolusing before disconnecting.  if this was a one off
thing and you don't normally spike, then i dunno.
sometimes when i go for a good bike ride, or rollerblade or even Latin
Dancing...my bg will go up and up.
another way to avoid this is to eat a small amount of carbs and do less
insulin for it than you normally would.  my diabetes educators explained the
whole process your body goes through to get energy during excersize...don't
remember details as to why this method is recommended vs. not eating
anything, but remember thinking that it all made sense at the time....
if you are on the pump, aren't you using humalog or novolog?  this will help
not have 'crashes' later, too!

Tavia Rodrmguez
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