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Re: i[IP] Lantus vs Insulin Pump

email @ redacted wrote:
> Liz (17y/o) has been pumping for over 3 years. Yesterday she found out
> Lantus and promptly stated, "It's like they made this stuff especially for
> me!"

Does Liz have more than 1 basal rate now?  If so, why not check with her
endo about having her set her pump to just 1 rate (a reasonable one), and
then after 1-3 days (or even sooner depending on what she sees @ glucose
testing), see how the numbers crunch?  Also make sure she carries several
syringes and a "fake" bottle of insulin.  If she finds she doesn't have
major swings, then maybe she could consider Lantus and a short acting
insulin.  Do think though that it's a lot harder to truly "fine-tune" since
you: would have to do so many injections a day (ah, some chips?  ah, a
cookie?  ah, a piece of fruit?  ah, a second helping?  ah, stop at the diner
with all your friends?), can't really cover any unusal times such as dawn
phenomenen the way you can with different basals, plus button pushing
certainly is more convenient.
Just a thought....
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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