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RE: [IP] new a1c

Hi Renee:
Thx for your comments.

My endo looked at me like she had never heard about having different ratios
for each meal. I told her I experimented and it worked and I only got this
idea from fellow IP-ers which is why I love this site so much!

I am on Novalog but some days I can go 5 days w/o changing and other days I
can't.  When I really start itching or it bothers me, then I have to change
it.  Lots of times, I'll know within two hours if my site is going to bad
because my b.g.'s just keep on rising.  I always leave the old set in until
I know the new one is working and to make sure that any insulin has been
completely absorbed into my body before pulling it out.

About the hair falling out...between the thyroid problem and I have a
mediterranean anemia, wow, of course, the hair will be falling out!!!
Wonder if going through menopause helps that cause as well :)

Thx for writing again.
Kathy B.
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