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[IP] Lantus vs Insulin Pump

Linda V. wrote:
<Liz (17y/o) has been pumping for over 3 years. Yesterday she found out about 
Lantus and promptly stated, "It's like they made this stuff especially for 
She has no problem with needles, but still has issues about wearing the pump 
with her "skinny" clothes. The main reason she started pumping was to avoid 
eating when she wasn't hungry as well as the flexibility to eat when she 
wanted to. Lantus and Novolog appear to give her this same flexiblity.
I would appreciate any thoughts/ comments from members of this great list to 
help with this decision!>

My response:
The big difference between Lantus and the Pump is that Lantus will deliver basal at a consistent
rate, while the pump allows you to set many rates based based on the time of day.  If your
daughter uses multiple basal rates, Lantus will not work as well as the pump.  Very few pumpers
use just one basal rate, so it does not make sense to go off a pump and use Lantus instead.

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